1.Z-B chimera model

We use the PC system based on 3D rendering and animation software 3ds max (3D Studio Max) to make Z-B chimera model, according to the different types of DNA on both sides, while the distance between the base is different, the distance between the Z-DNA base was about two times that of B-DNA, and the two side of the same number of spiral. So our model is as follows:

2.Z-B chimera combination process simulation

When the two single ring meet, because the base complementary pairing, two single ring will be entangled together, we use physical simulation with ropes and 3d Max software to simulate the loop process, as follows:

3.Z-B chimera process simulation

When transcribing, the transcription enzyme binds to BDNA of Z-B chimera. When the enzyme is moving, junction is moving too. We use physical simulation with ropes to make this model.